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By helping refugees around the world

Zendesk is a proud supporter of the International Rescue Committee (IRC), a humanitarian organization that helps people affected by conflict and disaster including climate crisis—to survive, recover and rebuild their lives.

Watch this short video on the right, to find out more about our journey with IRC.

Be part of the change by selecting one or more IRC inspired donations, which Zendesk will make on your behalf as a symbolic donation*.

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Zendesk + Internal Rescue Committee = Heart

Zendesk has supported IRC since 2019, with cash grants, donated software and employee volunteers. Our latest collaboration, the IRC’s intra-agency Signpost project powered by Zendesk, puts vital information in the hands of refugees, assisting 14.9 million people in 14 countries, including Afghanistan.

How you can help

Select one rescue gift and Zendesk will make a symbolic donation* on your behalf, or volunteer time

Donate a rescue gift that helps refugees around the world

COVID-19 Emergency Hygiene Kit

Deliver immediate aid to vulnerable families. With your support, Zendesk can help displaced moms protect themselves and their children with these COVID-19 with Emergency Hygiene Kits (valued at $45).

Safe Passage for Families

Provide families with critical information on how to access medical care, asylum service when in an unfamiliar place after fleeing for their lives during crises. This gift can help families access safe transportation and guidance while far from home (vauled at $36).

School Supplies for Children

Help children succeed on their path to education. IRC offers caring guidance and you can support a child by gifting a set of school supplies to help make learning easier (valued at $20).

Attend a Lunch and Learn with IRC

Join our Lunch and Learn session for 60 minutes with International Rescue Committee to:

  • Meet the team to learn how they manage crises on a day-to-day basis
  • Hear real life stories of refugees and their families
  • Gain insight into programmes and projects developed by IRC (and Zendesk)


If you have selected a rescue gift, Zendesk will make a symbolic donation* on your behalf.

What is a symbolic donation? Zendesk’s contribution is not tax-deductible and symbolic of many of the programs, projects and tools that compose the IRC’s daily global work.


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